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Precision Wheel Hub Assembly 513214 | O'Reilly Auto PartsPrecision Wheel Hub Assembly ; Bearing Type: Ball ; Number Of Terminals: 1 ; Driven Or Non-Driven: Driven ; Gasket Or Seal Included: Yes ; Wiring Harness Length (in): Precision 515113 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly Buy Precision 515113 Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly, Front, 4-Wheel ABS: Hub Assemblies - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.
Precision Automotive Car & Truck Wheel Hubs & BearingsGet the best deals on Precision Automotive Car & Truck Wheel Hubs & Bearings when you shop the largest online selection at Wheel Hub Assemblies - Counterman MagazinePrecision Wheel Hub Assemblies Deliver Quality and Value  Replacing wheel hub assemblies can be a bit of a balancing act for service technicians. Wheel hub Precision brand wheel hub bearinganyone use them?May 8, 2011 — The main benefit of the Precision is that it has the proper preload on the bearing built into the casting as to where the cheaper bearings the PRECISION AUTOMOTIVE Wheel Bearing & Hub Part NumbersRockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Easy to use parts catalog.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
TIMEKN MM9321WI3 Super Precision Bearings TIMEKN MM9321WI3 1 pcs Negotiable
TIMEKN MM40BS72 Super Precision Bearings TIMEKN MM40BS72 1 pcs Negotiable
TIMEKN MMN540BS75PP DM Super Precision Bearings TIMEKN MMN540BS75PP DM 1 pcs Negotiable
TIMEKN MMF515BS60PP DM Super Precision Bearings TIMEKN MMF515BS60PP DM 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7219CTRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7219CTRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7210A5TRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7210A5TRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7202CTRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7202CTRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7028A5TRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7028A5TRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7017CTRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7017CTRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7008A5TRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7008A5TRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7000CTRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7000CTRSU 1 pcs Negotiable
RHP 7932A5TRSU Precision Tapered Roller Bearings RHP 7932A5TRSU 1 pcs Negotiable

Precision Wheel Bearings : A Complete Guide to Buying

How much does it cost to replace wheel bearings?

  • 1、Wheel Bearing Replacement: How Much Does It Cost? • JunkDepending on the year, make, and model of your car, the average cost of replacing the wheel bearings ...
  • 2、Results 1 - 15 of 1340 — Get it here at with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and Free 90-Day ... How Much Does a Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost?
  • 3、Oct 29, 2021 — The cost to replace both front wheel bearings is going to be between $260 and $480. What is this? The parts alone for the front wheel bearings ...
  • 4、Apr 26, 2019 — The standard wheel bearings on a car will last anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 miles. There are several types of wheel bearings that can go on ...
  • 5、Jun 21, 2016 — My dealer has told me that both of my front wheel bearings need to be replaced and will cost ~$800 to replace. Does that seem right?
  • 6、The wheel bearing cost of some simpler bearings can be less than $35 for parts and an additional $50 or so for labor, including replacing the seal. That's ...
  • 7、The Complete Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost GuideYou will pay about $400, on average, for front wheel bearing replacement. The labor costs will go ...
  • 8、Dec 19, 2019 — OP did get a whammer....go back to the place and see if there was a mistake. Maybe it was just a mistake. You never know and it costs you ...
  • 9、Jan 16, 2011 — so you are probably looking at $130+ in labor, plus parts. so probably close to $200 when its all said and done. HOWEVER. if you have basic hand ...

Are Chinese bearings any good?

  • 1、Sep 29, 2014 — To be fair, the chinese CAN produce good things. I spoke with an importer a few years back, we bought some tools from him but this time ...
  • 2、Sep 24, 2009 — Just had to replace the wheel bearings in my '53 Chebby pickemup. ... were any better than the failed Chinese bearings and he just shrugged.11 posts  ·  20,000 miles? Ouch! :cry: ...
  • 3、May 20, 2017 — Does anyone have experience with CE Smith trailer bearings? I'm wondering if they are of good quality or if people have had any problems ...7 posts  ·  Most hubs come with Chinese bearings that are acceptable for most use. I prefer SKF, FAG, ...
  • 4、Sep 25, 2014 — After, experiencing a bearing failure with my "easy lube" bearings, I have done some research on the bearings Dexter supplied with my ...
  • 5、Feb 27, 2019 — R50/R53 :: Hatch Talk (2002-2006) - R53 SKF bearings made in China; any good? - edit: wheel hub bearing (front) Bummed out that I overpaid ...
  • 6、Jun 5, 2019 — Are MOOG wheel bearings made in China? Who are the manufacturers and suppliers of China bearing? Is it worth it to go to China for bearings?
  • 7、May 11, 2012 — Great" I'm thinking, so I order up the kits from AJS. I get them today, and sure enough, Chinese bearings. REALLY? Kinda pissed here.
  • 8、Oct 20, 2019 — Who makes the best bearings in the world? Are Kugel bearings any good? Which wheel bearings are made in the USA? Where are NSK bearings made?
  • 9、Sep 10, 2015 — Nice and tight or is there some play? Being able to get two of these hubs for the price of a single OEM one, this is definitely a good deal if ...

Are precision wheel bearings good?

  • 1、Double-sealed precision ball bearings (shown on left) incorporate steel reinforced ... normally machines "plain bore" wheels 1Ú64" oversize for good running fit
  • 2、precision hub bearings are suitable as direct replacements for original equipment manufacturers bearings.We supply original KOYO bearing
  • 3、Premium stainless steel double sealed precision bearings to upgrade and replace those in all current and older models of Spin rear hub. The orange seal is 
  • 4、... O'reilly's auto parts and they want $250 each for the hub for a precision brand, ... I've heard lots of horror stories about the cheap wheel bearings. ... a bind & stranded so I installed those in 2009 so far so good 60K on them
  • 5、and Hub Assembly Front Precision Automotive 515043 Wheel Bearing, Free ... Tell the world how good your guard dog is with this dog scarf in 100% cotton 
  • 6、Includes 8 ceramic wheel bearings + 2 standard drive gear bearings. Evolve Speedballs - ABEC 9 Bearings. These are high end, precision engineered skateboard 
  • 7、The Coast to Coast product line has been providing automotive warehouse distributors a competitively priced line of quality hub assemblies, bearings and seals 
  • 8、Buy Precision 513248 Wheel Bearing: Axle Shafts - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on ... Precsion wheel bearings are manufactured at factories that have ISO/TS ... Some Of Our Vintage Designs Are Great To Remember The Good Old Days 
  • 9、Even though Bones Swiss are the top rated bearing in skating, we don't give them an ... is not to test every manufacturer's bearings and proclaim them good or bad, but to ... the tighter the tolerances are, making the bearing a more precision part. ... don't perform as well as others with lower ABEC ratings in a skate wheel

How do I know when my wheel bearings are going bad?

  • 1、May 30, 2018 — Another obvious sign of a bad wheel bearing is loose-feeling steering. If your car feels as though it is lagging in reaction to your steering ...
  • 2、Aug 5, 2021 — Hearing humming, squealing, squeaking, growling, clicking, snapping, popping, clunking, or knocking noises is common if your wheel bearing is ...
  • 3、Oct 19, 2020 — Beyond leaving you without a tire on your vehicle, a bad wheel bearing can compound issues and lead to extreme wear of other parts of your ...
  • 4、If you hear a loud grinding noise coming from your wheels, your car's bearings are likely bad. The grinding noise will likely get louder as you drive faster and ...
  • 5、Jan 28, 2015 — If you have a differential bearing going out the turns won't put a load on those bearings so no sound change. To check each bearing I jack up ...
  • 6、When going right it gets louder and when going left it almost goes away. I have no problem getting in there and trying to replace the bearing/hub my self as I ...
  • 7、Wheel bearings permit your car's wheels to rotate with minimal friction and support its weight. Most rear wheel bearings are designed to perform for ...
  • 8、Aug 24, 2021 — If you're hearing unwanted noises from the wheel area of your vehicle, check your hub assemblies and wheel bearings to help ensure a safe ...
  • 9、Oct 6, 2011 — How do you get a stethescope on the wheel bearing buried inside the wheel at ... I found out that it wasn't the only one that had gone bad.

How long do wheel bearings last?

  • 1、Most wheel bearings should last upward of 150,000 miles or more with normal driving, and many will last the entire life of the vehicle without failing. · Wheel 
  • 2、Aug 20, 2017 — The old tapered roller bearing would last 100,000 miles (or more) when ... soon with 35K on the current bike so will be sure to check bearings at 
  • 3、How long does a wheel bearing last? When does a wheel bearing need to be replaced? There is no mileage or time requirement for the bearing replacement and 
  • 4、May 3, 2019 — Wheel bearings are used in both the front wheels and the back wheels. ... A lot of people think this symptom has to do with unbalanced tires on ... These bearings are made to last for many years without needing to be replaced 
  • 5、A. Original equipment wheel bearings are engineered for a service life of more than 100,000 miles, and many are capable of going twice that distance. Even so, 
  • 6、Oct 2, 2019 — Why you should maintain hub assemblies and wheel bearings ... 85,000 to 100,000 miles although some can last as long as 150,000 miles
  • 7、Wheel bearings should last tens of thousands of miles, but many mechanics ... impressive how long wheel bearings can last if inserted properly and looked after
  • 8、Aug 30, 2007 — Does tightening up a handbrake involve going anywhere near the wheel bearings? The Haynes manual refers to an 'adjustment nut' which I 
  • 9、Apr 26, 2019 — The standard wheel bearings on a car will last anywhere from 75,000 to 150,000 miles. There are several types of wheel bearings that can go on 

Does wheel bearing brand matter?

  • 1、Mar 30, 2015 — What brand is the duralast bearing? Chinese ... But b5's eat through wheel bearings no matter what. Using junk ... If I have to do my passenger rear again (for the 3rd time) I may shell out the $300 for a new one. Most likely find 
  • 2、Dec 8, 2019 — Therefore, wheel bearings are critical components, and while high quality wheel bearings have very long service lives, they do wear out 
  • 3、Jul 24, 2019 — Present on the market for 11 years. Axle Bearing and Hub Assembly. Specification: BrandTimken; ModelSP500300; Weight 13.2 pounds. Pros
  • 4、Have been reading posts on bearings (wheel, stem, swing arm, etc). ... Does it matter where (country: Korea, China, USA, Japan) they are 
  • 5、Simply Bearings Ltd - Buy Automotive Car wheel bearings online Simply Bearings Ltd. ... No matter what the make, model, series or age of your car, we can help. ... The bearing kits we offer are produced from the highest-quality branded components ... Delivery Policy · Returns Policy · Do I have to pay VAT · Meet the Team 
  • 6、Apr 8, 2016 — Wheel bearings are parts that allow the wheels on your vehicle to spin freely and with ... Loosen the lug nuts on the tire you are about to remove but do not remove them completely just yet. ... Use a torque wrench to tighten the lugnuts to manufacturer specifications. ... How Rims Work and Why They Matter
  • 7、Just as the various kinds of the tires give an added advantage to the driver, wheel bearings of different styles also do the same. Types of wheel Bearings. There are 
  • 8、We torque everyone to factory spec that we do, doesnt seem to matter. If you are using aftermarket do not use house brand bearings, they will 
  • 9、Q: How do hub bearings affect braking safety? A: Hub bearings include the wheel speed sensor that controls the anti-lock braking system (ABS). This sensor sends 

What brand of wheel bearings are made in USA?

  • 1、Can a failing wheel bearing break the studs off of a wheel? ... I have many Danish and American made bearings that are new,but made 30 to 50 years ago.3 answers  ·  2 votes: google the question and find out the history of Timken bearings , who invented them , why , ...
  • 2、... are just as good as the classic Timken that were made in the USA! Timken is known for quality bearings and is considered the best wheel bearing brand.Feb 5, 2022 · Uploaded by Federated Auto Parts
  • 3、All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - FKG wheel bearings lads - Moog bearing ... Even the USA brands manufacture all over the world.
  • 4、Most Trusted Name in Wheel Bearings & Oil Bath Seals. DRiVMotorparts' National ® brand has built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the ...
  • 5、Schaeffler Group USA Inc. has announced launch of a comprehensive FAG brand hub and wheel bearing program for the U.S. automotive aftermarket.
  • 6、Jun 20, 2020 — Wheel bearings and hub assemblies by both the brands are equally good. ... Most of their automotive bearings are still Made in USA alond ...
  • 7、We made a list based on the price, quality, durability, reputation of the manufacturers ...
  • 8、Three brands I especially respect when it comes to axle and wheel bearing ... short compared to Moog, SKF or a lot of other wheel bearing manufacturers.Oct 24, 2019 · Uploaded by Federated Auto Parts
  • 9、Apr 8, 2007 — Does anybody know of a good website that sells Timko, SKS, or any other USA made trailer bearings? I know Timko makes bearings for trailers ...10 posts  ·  Look at Motion IND, Applied Ind Tech and Kaman. BTW it is SKF, not SKS. They are not American ...

What company makes the best bearings?

  • 1、May 16, 2012 — ... have a 04 z400. My guess is most of the bearings if not all of them are still stock. So. ... So who makes the best bearing for the almighty$$. Not sure why my ... SKF is a quality bearing company made in the US. The SKF stuff I 
  • 2、Oct 15, 2018 — The RBC brand belongs to the American RBC Bearing Company, and the ... facilities, engineering machines, etc., and are the best in bearings
  • 3、The company manufactures and sells ball and roller bearings and various other ... is a user friendly aid that makes sure that they do the correct mounting of bearings. ... Which business is the best revenue generator for Fag Bearings India Ltd 
  • 4、Acer all the way. Regarless of what other say, Acer uses the highest quality ceramic balls available (some are confused on the quality rating 
  • 5、Jul 5, 2019 — Learn the truth about reel bearings and purchase reels wisely. ... Boca Bearings ( makes two types of ceramic hybrid bearings for fishing reels, ... advantages,” says Cory Oliver, head of marketing for the South Florida company, which he says was ... Best fishing gifts for the holiday season
  • 6、The question of grease versus oil comes first, in part, because it determines much of what makes up bearing lubrication. For grease, which tends to stay in place 
  • 7、All items have loaded. Newsletter Sign Up. Sign up to receive company, product and industry news. Sign 
  • 8、Apr 12, 2017 — Looking for the best bearings for a longboard? ... A removable rubber shield on one side of the bearing makes cleaning easier and more effective. ... Yes, ABEC ratings matter when comparing a company's bearings against 
  • 9、Manufacturers - A quick guide on the best bearing manufacturers & who's who. ... in 1916 it was the first bearing company to produce ball bearings in Japan. 4

Who makes the best front wheel bearings?

  • 1、Honda Civic / Del Sol (1992 - 2000) - Good wheel bearing brand - Hello ive been ... I have 2 front bearings on my wifes celica and 2 front on the civic, all 4 from 
  • 2、You may only need to replace one wheel bearing at a time. ... for each consecutive wheel bearing, so make
  • 3、Mar 10, 2015 — Anyone know who makes the Nissan wheel bearings? 2005 Nissan ... Go for the best price warranty equation. Its the installation that has ... Anyone know what size the main nut is on the front wheel bearing. Want to make sure 
  • 4、May 30, 2019 — I was wondering what was the best wheel bearing for our trucks. I have heard... ... I have a 2008 Tacoma Sport 4WD, and I have two bad front wheel bearings. ... The (Made In USA) brand that I chose is escaping my memory
  • 5、Front Hub / Wheel Bearing - E30 3 Series 1984-1991 - 31211129576. High-quality replacement E30 front hubs to get your wheels rolling properly again 
  • 6、What are the symptoms of bad wheel bearings? ... What is a wheel bearing? ... Having said that, it is best to avoid driving with a worn wheel bearing for any 
  • 7、FAQ. 1. What manufacturer makes the best wheel bearings? Timken Brand make best front Wheel Bearing
  • 8、Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly Front Driver or Passenger for Cobalt 4 Lug Non ... Best Wheel Bearing Greases. 2,987 reviews. Bearings. The 10 Best Bearings
  • 9、We even have reviews of our OEM and aftermarket Front Wheel Bearing products to help you buy with confidence. Hear from other customers via the 5,611 

Are NSK wheel bearings good?

  • 1、Are things different with wheel bearing assemblies? Not at all. Moog are still a very, very good choice for any car owner who wants reliable replacement parts.
  • 2、Feb 23, 2020 — Folks - I just bought a 2009 Outback. Only 90k miles and headgaskets already done... for a pretty good price IMO.
  • 3、Automotive Wheel Bearing Market 2021 Global Regional Outlook – NSK, Wanxiang, SKF, NTN. Photo of david davidFebruary 28, 2022.
  • 4、Jeffrey K. Liker, ‎W. Mark Fruin, ‎Paul S. Adler · 1999 · ‎Business & EconomicsNSK was the largest Japanese manufacturer of wheel bearings. It was a very forward-looking firm, with a sophisticated global strategy.
  • 5、Nov 3, 2021 — Company out to share its 'wheely' good news. ... NSK's 'ProKIT – Wheel Bearing Kit' catalogue is available in English, with further ...
  • 6、NSK is also of the few wheels bearing manufacturers that have reached the century mark. Putting it into a record, NSK's 100 years of expertise has put them in a ...
  • 7、Looks like it's time to replace the bearings. Anyone have a source/part number for NSK rear wheel bearings? I understand these are the OEM manufactured ...
  • 8、Saving $15 or $20 isn't worth it, buy these. Bought cheaper wheel bearings a couple of years ago off of Rockauto. The price was good, and the bad bearing ...
  • 9、Where are NSK wheel bearings made? — What does NSK Corporation do? Who owns NSK Malaysia? Where are NSK wheel bearings made? Is NSK publicly traded? Is NSK ...

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